Culvert Pics, Documents, History, etc

This long journey has come to a close in the fall of 2021.  Many, many people put in a lot of effort to make sure this project was a success for the lake owners and local Akeley community members.  Thank you so much!

Some details of the new concrete box culvert.  Inside dimensions are 14′ wide by 14′ tall.  Soon after construction concluded we had a measurement of 8′ of air gap and 6′ from waterline to the bottom of the culvert (as we know the water level is always fluctuating some).  It was designed with a 7’6″ air gap in mind.  Some settling may occur, but a min 4′ of aggregate bedding was specified.

For the sake of posterity, here are some of the files, pics, communications, slides, newspaper articles and such regarding the old bridge, the metal arch pipe culvert installed in the 50’s, and the concrete box culvert installed in fall 2021.  Note the first two links will take you to pictures of the finished culvert and the construction phase.  Hope you enjoy!

Pics of the old bridge (there were two versions of a wood bridge, not sure we have them both shown):


Bridge over 11th


old akeley bridgeDoes this view look familiar?     Spiders in the culvert, no!                                











Not the bridge, but who can forget the old wooden trestle bridge that used to  cross the outlet of 11th to 10th (on Heartland Trail)

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