Fisheries Information

This page is devoted to Fisheries information.   Below are links to the DNR lake surveys of 10th and 11th Crow wing, as well as .pdf Lake Maps with depth contours of each.  Keep in mind these maps were created in the 1940’s so the positions may be off, but they are accurate to most structure shapes.  Stocking information for the past several years is also included in the lake survey links.   New survey data for 11th Crow Wing was added in 2017 from the 2016 survey.

Historical fish survey data was obtained from our regional DNR Fisheries manager for 11th Crow wing.  This data was tabulated in MS Excel and charted for many of the game fish and prey species for the past 25 years of surveys.  You can download the .pdf’s of the charts below:

Below are two links to the DNR water quality testing that is gathered for our lakes.  Eleventh Crow Wing is split into the smaller upper East basin, and the larger lower West basin.  Data is also presented for Tenth Crow Wing.

You will need a fishing license from the DNR if you are going to fish in 10th or 11th Crow Wing Lakes.  They can be purchased at many sporting goods shops (Reeds, Gander, Cabelas, etc), at some gas stations, or directly from the DNR below:

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