Aquatic Invasive Species Info & Approved Lake Shore Providers

Our L.A. has worked with various government units to fund paid lake access inspections at 11th Crow Wing.   The inspections are aimed at increasing awareness, as well as focused on keeping our lake safe from AIS.  The following contributions were made in 2018: 10th/11th Lake Association $814, City of Akeley $814, and Akeley Township $814. The results of theinspections are shown below for both 11th CW and summed data from Hubbard County. Boater education is the key. Please remain vigilant.


Lake 11th Crow Wing 11th Crow Wing 11th Crow Wing 10th Crow Wing Hubbard Cty
Parameter Percent (2014) Percent (2015) Percent (2017) Percent (2017) 2017
Entering 60.7% 55.6% 58.2% 60.7% 57.9%
Exiting 39.3% 44.4% 41.8% 39.3% 42.1%
Drain plug in on arrival 5.8% 1.7% 0.4% 2.7% 0.9%
Plants, Animals, Water, or Mud Found 2.8% 2.9% 3.5% 5.4% 1.6%
Entering from infested waters 12.7% 21.4% 12.4% 5.4% 12.6%
Entering from out of state 4.0% 20.2% 8.7% 13.5% 15.3%
Total Inspections 285 648 830 61 21,559
Hours Worked 188 532.5 536 68 14,444
Inspections per hour 1.52 1.22 1.55 0.90 1.49

Below are some links to Aquatic Invasive Species info.  This remains a very HOT topic in Mn, as the protection of our water resources are at stake.   Recently zebra mussel larvae were found in Lake Winnibigoshish (to the North East), Leech Lake, and in various lakes in Douglas county.  Zebra Mussels are in the major rivers in Minnesota, along with lake Mille Lacs, Lake Minnetonka, Lake Superior, and certain Detroit Lakes and Alexandria lakes.  There are few, if any, effective treatments for these invasives.  Once they invade a lake, they are there for life!  We all need to do our part to keep them out of our lake.


One of the easiest ways for AIS (milfoil, zebra mussels, etc) to spread is with the transportation of docks and lifts.   Note: Per the first DNR link above, if you buy a used boat lift OR dock from another body of water, it MUST remain dry out of the water for 21 days minimum.  This is to limit the spread of aquatic invasives.

The businesses that provide boat lift and dock services need to understand how their practices can impact our lakes.  The companies listed below are aware of the AIS issues, have undertaken specialized training, and are compliant to the DNR rules.

The first link is the full DNR list of approved providers.  The second link is for a more regional listing of approved providers from COLA.  We are in the process of compiling a list of approved companies that have been used by lake owners on 10/11th Crow Wing lake properties.  If you have a company to recommend, please bring to the fall meeting or send info to website admin .

Lake Shore Providers used by 10th/11th Crow Wing lake shore owners to install/remove docks and lifts:

  • Groth  Dock and Lift, Walker.  Skip Groth  Phone 218-760-0859
  • Schmitty’s, Lucas Schmitty, Phone 218-252-8129
  • Hanson’s Dock and Lifts, Dave Hanson.  Phone 218-255-4651
  • MCN Specialists, Park Rapids.  Phone 218-252-7728
  • Northwoods Dock and Service, Hackensack.  Phone 218-675-5175.  Email:


What can you do to help preserve our lake and limit the spread of invasives?  Quite a bit actually!  We are all responsible for checking our boats for weeds and other aquatic invasives.  If you have visiting family or guests with watercraft, ask them where their boats have been recently.  Acquaint yourself with which bodies of water have invasive species.  Make sure the boat and trailer are: A) clean and free of weeds, B) have completely dry livewells and boat floors, and C) follow the DNR recommendations for being dry out of the water for a minimum amount of time (especially if in infested waters, see top link on this page for guidelines = 5 days is typical).

Below are some pictures of what we are trying to avoid in 10th/11th Crow Wing Lakes:

Zebra Mussel carpeted bottom of Lake Mille Lacs. Yuck!

Yep, there's a bait bucket under all those Zeeb's on the right hand picture

There’s a bait bucket under all those zeeb’s in the right hand picture

Zebra mussels make swimming impossible without protecting your feet

Eurasion Milfoil mat on Lake Minnetonka

Eurasion Milfoil

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