Sorry if we missed you! 2021 Spring Meeting Recording

First of all, apologies to anyone if they were trying to login to our original Zoom link.  We had some issues getting that one going, so we called an audible and posted a new Zoom link on our website here.  I’m sure we missed some folks that would have logged in, but the good news at least is we have a recording of the meeting so you can watch it when you have free time.  Click on the Youtube link below, we talked for a little more than an hour and a half.  You can skip to the 8 minute mark for the actual start of the meeting if that’s easier.

Youtube link to recorded video

Also if you have topics or concerns, please contact Scott (a photo of my email is linked below in the officer section).  I’ll try to address them the best I can, but realize it would have been better in a group settings.  This might just mean we have to send a couple of extra emails if there are any group discussions needed.

Super quick summary of the meeting (more detailed minutes to follow):

-Decided to simplify our bank accounts by merging AIS and general funds

-Construction of a 14×14′ inside dimension concrete box culvert is letting for bids in June, with a tentative start on Aug2/3rd.  Planned shutdown of Hwy 64 for 5 weeks (we should anticipate longer).  Do make plans for this so you aren’t surprised late this summer with revised roadways to your cabin, or trailering your boat.


-We need to remove the loon nest that is resting near one of our residents dock.  It is located just inside Solie Bay (quiet bay on far West end of larger basin).  John Poyer can help, but it would be great if we got a 2-3 folks willing to pull it up onto Alexis’ shoreline, break it into pieces, and then haul it into their boat for disposal by the volunteers.   Scott will contact the other 3 local Crow Wing lake associations just in case they want it, but I think we can likely assume they will not.

Two future project ideas came forward at the end of the meeting.  We will want to identify a sub-lead for each of these projects, and then gather a team of 3-5 interested volunteers for planning and execution.  Please consider leading or volunteering on either of these great ideas, contact Scott if interested!  If needed, we can seek lake association petitions to increase our voice.

1) ATV/UTV trail & Hwy 64 speed change:  Safety concern of 55 mph car travel along Hwy 64 over commons/culvert areas (which really means traffic can be 65-70 at times).  Recommended seeing if a 45 mph in that zone would improve public safety.  Also this group would work with MnDOT culvert construction reps, the 2 local ATV/UTV riding groups, and the DNR to see if we can better maintain the ATV trail to limit dust creation that leads to silt going into the lake.  Some ideas were to add Calcium Chloride (like gravel roads), crushed asphalt, pea gravel, or even paving the trail in that section.  Vicky & Dave P are two interested so far in this project.

2) Safety concern of traffic along Pleasant Ave where kids are frequently present.  This is along the South shoreline of the west basin and currently carries a 30 mph speed limit.  Concern was raised that some cars are traveling at 40-45 mph in this zone which is unsafe for children.  Most of this section is within Akeley City limits (eastern side is just outside city limit).  So the lead and volunteer team would work with City officials and city Police department to see if speed can be better enforced along this stretch and/or changing the speed limit to something lower like 20 mph.  Mike T is so far interested in this project.

2021 Fall Meeting

Please put Saturday October 16th on your calendar for our Fall (Zoom) meeting.  We’ll tentatively plan on meeting in person for Spring 2022

Email Distribution List

If you’re not currently getting emails (send out 5-10 per year), please email Scott to be added.  Its generally the easiest way to reach our members.  We currently have 84 members on our list

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