Fall Update

Happy Thanksgiving folks.  Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well.  We had our Fall Lake Association Meeting in late October, Halloween to be exact.  Quick summary is the Mn Bonding Bill included additional funds for a bridge crossing between the two basins of 11th Crow Wing!  More news to come on that as plans are solidified, but excellent progress has been made.  So if you didn’t have a chance to attend the meeting, we will look into posting the Zoom recording link soon.

John Paasonen and I are updating the info for Ice In/Ice Out.  Through the various social media posts, I think we have filled in all of the gaps back to the currently posted 2017 info with the exception of 2018 Ice In date (send me an email with info if you have it).  Also we’re heading up to the cabin for Thanksgiving weekend, so I’ll know if its iced in now or not soon.  But if it already did, or if it Ice’s in after Thanksgiving weekend, I’d appreciate a quick email or post it on our L.A. Facebook page.   Thanks folks!

Also a reminder to check out the ice safety page for a refresher before you head out on the ice this winter.  Scott

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