2018 Fall Lake Association Meeting – MOVED to Fri Sept 28th, 3-5 pm

Sorry to do this at such a late date, but we will have to move the fall meeting that was scheduled for Friday Sept 21st to the following Friday.  Our MnDOT project manager has a conflict at our previously scheduled time, but is available to meet with us the following Friday, Sept 28th between 3 and 4pm.  I really think we want to talk with them in person, so I am asking you to please consider coming to the meeting on the 28th.

We will meet on the 28th at the Akeley Regional Community Center where we normally have Spring meetings (a couple of blocks behind Zappys in old Akeley school building).  Meeting will go from 3 til maybe 5 pm.  I will update the website as well, but I do hope that this late move won’t leave folks waiting around the building on the 21st.  If you know someone who was planning on attending, please confirm with them the move to the 28th.

A tad disappointing from my end is that the current plans still include the initially proposed 12×12 concrete box culvert (inside dimensions).  I will be asking if they generated contrasting quotes for our counter proposed 13 x 13′ culvert. Another discussion topic is that it appears the current culvert needs dredging.  My prop was skipping bottom on the west side as I motored through this past weekend.

Agenda to follow later this week.  Hope to see you there!

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