2020 Spring Lake Association Meeting in the books

Thanks to all who were able to attend our first ever Virtual meeting.  We had 14 folks join us and in general the technology worked pretty well!  Comments at the end of the meeting that we should try this again.  Doing the fall meeting as an online meeting this year makes sense for a few reasons: one it would seem we will still have COVID, and two many folks winterize early and are no longer in the area in October.  So please plan on another virtual Zoom meetign for the fall.

The website is functional from an editing standpoint again, so be looking for refreshed content in the coming weeks.  A few highlights from the meeting: Jerry Hertaus gave an update on the bridge/culvert replacement.  Although there has been quite a bit of disruption of normal legislative business this session, there are still efforts to get additional bridge funding into a bonding bill.  Thanks Jerry!  Ken Emmeck gave a great update on water quality sample results from last year.  There will be a link to the laboratory reports posted below.  Also some discussion on Cty 23 (on the north shore of the east basin) regarding dust control issues and speed control.  Lots to type in for meeting minutes.

Due to yours truly being late in getting the spring newsletter out (Should have arrived just before Memorial weekend, email me if you didn’t get it), the lake association funding is also low for this time of year when most folks are sending in their dues.  Please prioritizie this activity if you’re able, we have continual needs that need payment like paid boat ramp inspections, water quality lab analysis, COLA dues, website fees, spring mailing costs, and other important business.  Thanks for ALL YOU DO!  We could not make this a successful association without your very help which is very appreciated.

Have a great summer and stay safe all.

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