May 12th, Spring Lake Association Meeting – THANK YOU

Thank you to all who attended our Spring Lake Association meeting on May 12th.  We had good attendance from members.  Also we have some newer members for which we are very appreciative.  Good discussions on CLP, Water Craft Inspections, and Culvert replacement.  We will continue to work with the DNR on CLP.  The lake association voted to approve funding of 2018 boat launch inspections at both 10th and 11th Crow Wing boat launches (and to support a 2019 program that is actually setup in January).  The inspector was present at the 11th CW launch during the weekend of fishing opener.

We also had a good and honest discussion about the culvert separating the two basins of 11th CW.  MnDOT’s current proposal is a 12×12 concrete box culvert.  A slightly larger culvert would likely better suit our needs, so we will continue discussions with them.  Although there was some support for a bridge at the meeting, there does not appear to be a group that would be willing to galvanize and rally around raising additional funds.  This would be a large venture that would include scheduling meetings with Minnesota and County legislators and working with MnDOT to officially quote a bridge structure (Their off-the-cuff estimate is $2-3,000,000 vs. $1,100,000 for box culvert).  So unless such a local lake association group can come together, we will have not the organization required to pursue a bridge structure.  Funds and planning for the culvert replacement need to be complete in 2018.

IF YOU HAVE A STRONG DESIRE FOR A BRIDGE, timing is of the essence.  Please contact us, as the association can be in a supporting role but not necessarily a leading role.  To obtain passage for pontoon boats (and possibly wake board boats), a bridge would be necessary.  Additional right of way and extensive grade changes would need be needed for a bridge.

One final note, we agreed to meet again in the ARCC a little earlier in the fall this year.  We normally meet in October, but we are willing to try for a mid September meeting this year.  Thought being we might have better attendance from members who winterize earlier in the season.

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