Lake Association Openings

If interested, we have a couple of openings on the leadership side and one opening on the technical side.  Kim has been L.A. President for many, many years (She rocks!).  But if anyone has a passion for the Lake Association and has the time to manage the position, please notify one of the officers or board members.  Hoping someone can step up the challenge so she can get some of her precious time back.  We also continue to have an opening for L.A. Secretary.  This usually involves going to the 2 meetings per year (spring & fall), taking notes, and then putting them into minutes that can later be reviewed at meetings.  Not a huge time commitment on this one.   Finally Rich Willhaus has been performing water quality tests for the past 10 years or so and wishes to pass this to someone else.  This involves taking Secci disk readings monthly during the warmer periods and then submitting water samples to a test lab in odd numbered years.  Please notify Rich or any officer/board member if this interests you.


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