We’ve Moved…And Hopefully You Didn’t Notice

We have been talking about going to a free or reduced website provider for the past couple of Lake Association meetings.  In the past there were free web hosting services that looked to fit our needs, however most of these free services have steadily switched over to becoming paid service providers.  As we don’t have a plentitude of computer savvy in our association (this admin certainly falls into that category!), some of the still remaining free sites were out of reach.  Switching the current website over to one of these free or the very low priced servers would require a fair amount of knowledge and know how.

As a good compromise, there are some very good web hosting service providers that are both reduced in cost, as well as full service.  Green Geeks provided website transfer as one of their perks, so we pushed the “Easy Button” and had them switch us over.  We paid a three year fee for just under $4/month, where we were paying nearly $10/month with Siteground.  If we choose to renew with Green Geeks after 3 years, the price will go up a dollar a month, but still half of what we were paying up to this point.  Hopefully this puts the association into a better spot financially, and there will be no disruption to the website.

As always, feel free to drop website admin an email if you have content you would like to see.  Now that we’re past this, hoping to keep more updates flowing to the website again.

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