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Spring L.A. Meeting – Sat May 21st 1:30-4pm

Friday, May 6th, 2022

We will be meeting for our Spring Lake Association meeting on Saturday May 21st from 1:30-4pm.  Its been…3 years since we’ve done this?!  So it’ll be good to see everyone’s faces again and make some re-connections.  We’ll be meeting at the Akeley Regional Community Center, aka the ARCC.  Its in the meeting room in the back (south facing).  If you’ve never been, here’s a little map snippet below.  We hope to see as many there as we can, its been far too long!

The newsletters are back from print (May 6th), so we’ll be frantically stuffing envelopes and updating address labels.  Expect it in the mail late next week (May 12-14th), sigh..late as ever :)


Culvert Info

Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

This long journey has come to a close in the fall of 2021.  Many, many people put in a lot of effort to make sure this project was a success for the lake owners and local Akeley community members.  The lake crossing of course serves as a vital Highway link.  It also provides lake crossing for hikers, bikers, and ATV riders.  State of MN kicked in all of the funds for this, with MnDOT engineers providing design and coordinating all of the construction.  Landwehr Construction completed the actual work.   Thank you all so much!

Some details of the new concrete box culvert…Inside dimensions are 14′ wide by 14′ tall.  Soon after construction concluded we had a measurement of 8′ of air gap and 6′ from waterline to the bottom of the culvert (as we know the water level is always fluctuating some).  It was designed with a 7’6″ air gap in mind.  Some settling may occur, but a min 4′ of aggregate bedding was specified.

For the sake of posterity, check out the Page link to the right for history, communications, slides, files, pics, etc.   The links below will take you to pictures of the finished culvert as well as the construction phase.

Fall Lake Association Meeting – 16Oct21

Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Thanks to all who attended today’s Fall Lake Association meeting.  The Zoom recording has been uploaded to Youtube and can be found on the link below.  Our meeting ran just under 1 1/2 hours.  Unfortunately I forgot to hit the record button until we were 5-10 minutes into the meeting, but you will be able to see most of it.

Quick summary of what was discussed:

Curly Leaf Pondweed seems under control, voted and approved continued LA funding of watercraft inspections at boat launches of both lakes, discussed Starry Stonywart being a particularly nasty AIS that needs us and our guests to remain vigilant, Culvert replacement, mitigation of exposed culvert bolts, speed reduction and ATV trail dust mitigation for Hwy 64 around narrows, speed reduction of Pleasant Ave, loon nesting results in 2021 and call for any COLA “Loon Liaisons”, dust control options along east basin (Cty 23 and Horseshoe Rd), volunteer reports of water quality.  Some new business surrounding culvert drainage on West basin and potential contact with DNR.

As always, please contact Scott via email info at bottom of the page if you have questions or concerns.

Youtube link to meeting recording

Link to COLA Newsletter calling for “Loon Liaison’s”

Sorry if we missed you! 2021 Spring Meeting Recording

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021

First of all, apologies to anyone if they were trying to login to our original Zoom link.  We had some issues getting that one going, so we called an audible and posted a new Zoom link on our website here.  I’m sure we missed some folks that would have logged in, but the good news at least is we have a recording of the meeting so you can watch it when you have free time.  Click on the Youtube link below, we talked for a little more than an hour and a half.  You can skip to the 8 minute mark for the actual start of the meeting if that’s easier.

Youtube link to recorded video

Also if you have topics or concerns, please contact Scott (a photo of my email is linked below in the officer section).  I’ll try to address them the best I can, but realize it would have been better in a group settings.  This might just mean we have to send a couple of extra emails if there are any group discussions needed.

Super quick summary of the meeting (more detailed minutes to follow):

-Decided to simplify our bank accounts by merging AIS and general funds

-Construction of a 14×14′ inside dimension concrete box culvert is letting for bids in June, with a tentative start on Aug2/3rd.  Planned shutdown of Hwy 64 for 5 weeks (we should anticipate longer).  Do make plans for this so you aren’t surprised late this summer with revised roadways to your cabin, or trailering your boat.


-We need to remove the loon nest that is resting near one of our residents dock.  It is located just inside Solie Bay (quiet bay on far West end of larger basin).  John Poyer can help, but it would be great if we got a 2-3 folks willing to pull it up onto Alexis’ shoreline, break it into pieces, and then haul it into their boat for disposal by the volunteers.   Scott will contact the other 3 local Crow Wing lake associations just in case they want it, but I think we can likely assume they will not.

Two future project ideas came forward at the end of the meeting.  We will want to identify a sub-lead for each of these projects, and then gather a team of 3-5 interested volunteers for planning and execution.  Please consider leading or volunteering on either of these great ideas, contact Scott if interested!  If needed, we can seek lake association petitions to increase our voice.

1) ATV/UTV trail & Hwy 64 speed change:  Safety concern of 55 mph car travel along Hwy 64 over commons/culvert areas (which really means traffic can be 65-70 at times).  Recommended seeing if a 45 mph in that zone would improve public safety.  Also this group would work with MnDOT culvert construction reps, the 2 local ATV/UTV riding groups, and the DNR to see if we can better maintain the ATV trail to limit dust creation that leads to silt going into the lake.  Some ideas were to add Calcium Chloride (like gravel roads), crushed asphalt, pea gravel, or even paving the trail in that section.  Vicky & Dave P are two interested so far in this project.

2) Safety concern of traffic along Pleasant Ave where kids are frequently present.  This is along the South shoreline of the west basin and currently carries a 30 mph speed limit.  Concern was raised that some cars are traveling at 40-45 mph in this zone which is unsafe for children.  Most of this section is within Akeley City limits (eastern side is just outside city limit).  So the lead and volunteer team would work with City officials and city Police department to see if speed can be better enforced along this stretch and/or changing the speed limit to something lower like 20 mph.  Mike T is so far interested in this project.

2021 Fall Meeting

Please put Saturday October 16th on your calendar for our Fall (Zoom) meeting.  We’ll tentatively plan on meeting in person for Spring 2022

Email Distribution List

If you’re not currently getting emails (send out 5-10 per year), please email Scott to be added.  Its generally the easiest way to reach our members.  We currently have 84 members on our list

Water Quality – Laboratory Results

Monday, June 1st, 2020

Ken Emmeck is our water quality volunteer.  A few times a year he grabs samples and then takes the time to promptly run them over in a cooler to an area collection point.  It does require a certain amount of commitment, so thanks!

Below is a link to RMB Environmental Laboratories database, who processes and analyzes our samples.  If you follow the link below you will be directed to their data base page.  Select Hubbard County and Eleventh Crow Wing Lake to see the latest data and trending analysis.

Chlorophyll is improving with 80% confidence as is Secchi Disk with 90% confidence.  Total phosphorus is in a better than expected range when compared to similar area lakes.  So keep it up folks.  Limiting or being careful with fertilizers, maintaining and cleaning out septic systems on schedule, and keeping a buffer strip near the lakeshore are all things that we can do to help the water quality of our great gem of a lake.

At the spring meeting we also discussed the “restore the shore” program that Hubbard County COLA has.  If you do some homework and can plan on placing tree orders early, you can score quite a few small trees for a very nominal cost.  There usually is an order deadline and a pickup deadline.  See link below for more information.  These trees could be planted near the shore, or anywhere on your property for that matter.–restore-your-shore.html

Boating Safety Flyer

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Kim updated the boating safety page.  Hoping this is super easy for you to print out and display somewhere convenient in your cabin (fridge, corkboard, etc).   A lot of good reminders, as well as some important phone numbers regarding boating safety.  Lets have fun and be safe out there!

Lake Association BoatSafteyFlyer

10th and 11th Crow Wing Lakes Association – Main

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Hello and welcome to 10th & 11th Crow Wing Lakes Association website!   We are neighbors helping neighbors for the greater good of the lakes.  

We invite you, both local citizens and visiting guests, to utilize this website as a resource for enjoying our two northern Minnesota lakes in Hubbard County and assisting us in being good stewards of our beautiful spring-fed natural resource.  To join our association – yes, anyone who cares about the lakes can join!   Click here for LA application (for new members, as well as to renew for current members).  Our association meets just twice a year, spring and fall, so keeping informed and active is easy and efficient. 

Otherwise, feel free to contact the committee leaders of each of the projects below to offer your assistance or comments — we are a 100% non-profit, volunteer organization, and could always use assistance (time, money, energy).   Thank you for considering helping us take care of the lakes for everyone to enjoy, for generations to come!

A Lakes Management Plan was completed in April 2011 (link to .pdf file here:Lake Assoc-11th CW Lake PLAN final .  This plan mentions a brief history of our Lakes Association (started in 2001), a bit of historical facts on lakes themselves, water clarity testing (11th averages 14′ clarity), in-depth DNR fisheries plan for both lakes, DNR aquatic vegetation map for 11th, goals for the association, and an outline of Plans of Action for several particular ongoing projects:

1)  Curly Leaf Pondweed Control (Aquatic Invasive Species)

2)  AIS Prevention in our Lakes – Education and Inspection

3)  Highway 64 Issues

  • culvert replacement to larger more navigable version
  • ATV trail safety and erosion concern

4)  Loon Nests

There is some other information posted in the Akeley community website, see link below.  We are also on Facebook, so check out that link as well.  And finally there is a link to Hubbard county COLA.










Current Officers of Lake Association

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Scott Solberg
President, 10th & 11th Crow Wing Lakes Association, Website

(612) 819-3556
(Click here for Scott’s Email)


Kim Bowen,

Vice President

(Click here for Kim’s Email)
Lisa Hanson
(218) 652-3768
(Click here for Lisa’s Email)


Secretary – Open (Contact any officer if you are interested)

Pictures of Our Lake

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011


Misty Morning - Late Fall 2018
Approaching Summer Storm
Autumn Sunset over 11th 2021
Big Bass Loon Family @ Sunrise
Big Ciscoe caught ice fishing outside @ -22F
Calm Day Pano Pic
Christmas Scene 2021
Culvert Fishing, last time in 2020
Evening on 11th
First Ice Dec 2021
Glassy Calm Morning
Lake Ice Fishing 2020
Lazy Summer Day
Crisp Fall morning
Morning of Deer Opener 2021
Outlet on 11th after Fish Grate Removal
Placard on Concrete Outlet on 11th
Pond Hockey 2021
Winter Snowshoeing 2021

November sunset, nearby lake


White water lilly

Sunrise over Misty Eastern Bay

Sunrise over Misty Eastern Bay


Hummingbird and Sparrow

fall 2012 111

Full moon over point

Julia10lake2013 088

4th of July

fall 2011 027

Kids loving the kayaks

fall 2012 083

Sunset over West basin

Autumn Dusk
Nov Sunset on nearby lake

Nice Bluegill - Thanks Diane B.


Rainbow over Pixie Point resort

Lakespring2010 064


Sept2012 001

Sunset in East Basin

Spring2011 016

West basin

Julia10lake2013 096

Catching walleyes in West basin, 2013

Spring2011 018
CPR'd bass from 10th CW, thanks Jake

Sail boat in West basin

summer 2012 085

Barn in east basin

Summer2011 085

Misty morning, east basin


9.5" bluegill from dock, CPR'd (released)

2010 kids and fishing 054

Swans migrating through in Fall

Summer2011 091

Eagle's perch, East basin


Pair of loon young-un's

Untitled unusual structures


Full moon over east basin


Rainbow Labor Day 2013


Summer Loon

fall 2012 136

Fishing Pier

Crisp Fall morning

Crisp Fall morning

fall 2011 028

Sunset over East basin

fall 2012 076

Grey fall morning

Summer2011 084

Misty morning

Julia10lake2013 098

West basin

Rainbow so close, you can almost touch it!

Rainbow so close, you can almost touch it!


Heat lightning over lake

Spring2011 021

East basin

Spring2013 032

Caught a dog

fall 2011 014

Swim platform...check

Perfect fall day

Perfect fall day

We’d like to gather pictures from lake association members, family members, and friends of 10th and 11th Crow Wing Lakes.  Historical photos, pictures of nature, fishing pics (live fish photos preferred), showing off your cabin, water recreation activities, and fun memories are all encouraged.  If you have pictures you would like to share and see posted, please email to them to Website admin email address below.  We will try to update as we move along.

Click here for website admin email to send pictures