2017 Spring Meeting – Friday, May 12 at 3pm

February 15th, 2017

Announcing the spring 2017 lake association meeting: Friday May 12 at 3pm at the ARCC.  Please make every effort to attend as we have a very interesting topic planned for the meeting.  As Kim announced in her email, we want to meet on Friday to be able to have a discussion with MnDOT on the 11th Crow Wing culvert (due for replacement in 2022).  This allows them to meet with us during their work week.  MnDOT will be available at 4pm giving us an hour prior to crunch through some agenda items.   Control of curly leaf pondweed and watercraft inspection at both lakes boat ramps will also be major items of discussion.

This is the weekend of the fishing opener, so lets start the weekend off with that meeting.  And there will be no fishing time lost :)  Hope to see you all there!



11th Crow Wing Phenology (Ice In & Ice Out)

December 12th, 2016

Below is the tracked history of Ice In/Ice Out dates for 11th Crow Wing.  Note: we are still actively gathering data for this, so if you have kept a log of ice in/ice out dates, please send them to website admin email address.  We would like to add to this, as ice out data goes back to 2006 and ice in data goes back to 2010.




Lake Association Openings

May 23rd, 2016

If interested, we have a couple of openings on the leadership side and one opening on the technical side.  Kim has been L.A. President for many, many years (She rocks!).  But if anyone has a passion for the Lake Association and has the time to manage the position, please notify one of the officers or board members.  Hoping someone can step up the challenge so she can get some of her precious time back.  We also continue to have an opening for L.A. Secretary.  This usually involves going to the 2 meetings per year (spring & fall), taking notes, and then putting them into minutes that can later be reviewed at meetings.  Not a huge time commitment on this one.   Finally Rich Willhaus has been performing water quality tests for the past 10 years or so and wishes to pass this to someone else.  This involves taking Secci disk readings monthly during the warmer periods and then submitting water samples to a test lab in odd numbered years.  Please notify Rich or any officer/board member if this interests you.


We’ve Moved…And Hopefully You Didn’t Notice

January 27th, 2016

We have been talking about going to a free or reduced website provider for the past couple of Lake Association meetings.  In the past there were free web hosting services that looked to fit our needs, however most of these free services have steadily switched over to becoming paid service providers.  As we don’t have a plentitude of computer savvy in our association (this admin certainly falls into that category!), some of the still remaining free sites were out of reach.  Switching the current website over to one of these free or the very low priced servers would require a fair amount of knowledge and know how.

As a good compromise, there are some very good web hosting service providers that are both reduced in cost, as well as full service.  Green Geeks provided website transfer as one of their perks, so we pushed the “Easy Button” and had them switch us over.  We paid a three year fee for just under $4/month, where we were paying nearly $10/month with Siteground.  If we choose to renew with Green Geeks after 3 years, the price will go up a dollar a month, but still half of what we were paying up to this point.  Hopefully this puts the association into a better spot financially, and there will be no disruption to the website.

As always, feel free to drop website admin an email if you have content you would like to see.  Now that we’re past this, hoping to keep more updates flowing to the website again.

Boating Safety Flyer

May 4th, 2015

Kim updated the boating safety page.  Hoping this is super easy for you to print out and display somewhere convenient in your cabin (fridge, corkboard, etc).   A lot of good reminders, as well as some important phone numbers regarding boating safety.  Lets have fun and be safe out there!

Lake Association BoatSafteyFlyer

10th and 11th Crow Wing Lakes Association – Main

May 24th, 2013

Hello and welcome to 10th & 11th Crow Wing Lakes Association website!   We are neighbors helping neighbors for the greater good of the lakes.  

We invite you, both local citizens and visiting guests, to utilize this website as a resource for enjoying our two northern Minnesota lakes in Hubbard County and assisting us in being good stewards of our beautiful spring-fed natural resource.  To join our association – yes, anyone who cares about the lakes can join!   Click here for LA application (for new members, as well as to renew for current members).  Our association meets just twice a year, spring and fall, so keeping informed and active is easy and efficient. 

Otherwise, feel free to contact the committee leaders of each of the projects below to offer your assistance or comments — we are a 100% non-profit, volunteer organization, and could always use assistance (time, money, energy).   Thank you for considering helping us take care of the lakes for everyone to enjoy, for generations to come!

A Lakes Management Plan was completed in April 2011 (link to .pdf file here:Lake Assoc-11th CW Lake PLAN final .  This plan mentions a brief history of our Lakes Association (started in 2001), a bit of historical facts on lakes themselves, water clarity testing (11th averages 14′ clarity), in-depth DNR fisheries plan for both lakes, DNR aquatic vegetation map for 11th, goals for the association, and an outline of Plans of Action for several particular ongoing projects:

1)  Curly Leaf Pondweed Control (Aquatic Invasive Species)

2)  AIS Prevention in our Lakes – Education and Inspection

3)  Highway 64 Issues

  • culvert replaced with bridge
  • ATV trail safety and erosion concern
  • rumble strip noise and biking safety concern

4)  Loon Nests

There is some other information posted in the Akeley community website, see link below.  We are also on Facebook, so check out that link as well.  And finally there is a link to Hubbard county COLA.










Current Officers of L.A.

November 24th, 2012

Kim Bowen
President, 10th & 11th Crow Wing Lakes Association
(218) 652-3111
(Click here for Kim’s Email)

Scott Solberg
Vice President, Website
(612) 819-3556
(Click here for Scott’s Email)

Lisa Hanson
(218) 652-3768
(Click here for Lisa’s Email)

Secretary – Open (Contact any officer if you are interested)

Pictures of Our Lake

July 13th, 2011


Perfect fall day

Perfect fall day

Crisp Fall morning

Crisp Fall morning


November sunset, nearby lake


White water lilly

Sunrise over Misty Eastern Bay

Sunrise over Misty Eastern Bay


Hummingbird and Sparrow

fall 2012 111

Full moon over point

Julia10lake2013 088

4th of July

fall 2011 027

Kids loving the kayaks

fall 2012 083

Sunset over West basin

Autumn Dusk
Nov Sunset on nearby lake

Nice Bluegill - Thanks Diane B.


Rainbow over Pixie Point resort

Lakespring2010 064


Sept2012 001

Sunset in East Basin

Spring2011 016

West basin

Julia10lake2013 096

Catching walleyes in West basin, 2013

Spring2011 018
Crisp Fall morning
Spring2013 032

Caught a dog


Sail boat in West basin

summer 2012 085

Barn in east basin

Summer2011 085

Misty morning, east basin


9.5" bluegill from dock, CPR'd (released)

2010 kids and fishing 054

Swans migrating through in Fall

Summer2011 091

Eagle's perch, East basin

fall 2011 014

Swim platform...check


Pair of loon young-un's


Logs...rocks...fish...and unusual structures


Full moon over east basin


Rainbow Labor Day 2013


Summer Loon

fall 2012 136

Fishing Pier

fall 2011 028

Sunset over East basin

fall 2012 076

Grey fall morning

Summer2011 084

Misty morning

Julia10lake2013 098

West basin

Rainbow so close, you can almost touch it!

Rainbow so close, you can almost touch it!


Heat lightning over lake

Spring2011 021

East basin

We’d like to gather pictures from lake association members, family members, and friends of 10th and 11th Crow Wing Lakes.  Historical photos, pictures of nature, fishing pics (live fish photos preferred), showing off your cabin, water recreation activities, and fun memories are all encouraged.  If you have pictures you would like to share and see posted, please email to them to Website admin email address below.  We will try to update as we move along.

Click here for website admin email to send pictures