Culvert & Rental Need

August 3rd, 2021

Hope your summer is going really well.  I can’t remember one with this many warm sunny days (well when the smoke doesn’t hide the sun!).   Great time to spend in or on the water.

Quick reminder that MnDOT will start construction on the Hwy 64 Culvert replacement to a 14×14′ concrete box culvert on August 9th.  That’s less than a week away.  The detour will route you West through Akeley on 34 to head North and East on Cty 25 where it hooks up with Hwy 64 just north of the Culvert.

Also if there are any area residents that are able snap some pics from afar during the construction process, that would be neat to share.  You can post them on Facebook if you are willing to share and I can add to our website for posterity’s sake.

Lastly, I got a call from one of MnDOT’s construction contractors asking if I knew of any rental properties in the area for the crew.  I am not that well connected with the community of Akeley, but if any of our lake residents could help point Nathan in the direction of any area rentals for the 4-6 week construction period that would be awesome!.  His contact info is below, so please get a hold of him directly if you know of any properties (and please also CC me via email so I know if he gets any responses).  Thanks for your help in taking care of the crew that helps our lake!

Nathan Mechtel,


Sorry if we missed you! Meeting Recording

May 22nd, 2021

First of all, apologies to anyone if they were trying to login to our original Zoom link.  We had some issues getting that one going, so we called an audible and posted a new Zoom link on our website here.  I’m sure we missed some folks that would have logged in, but the good news at least is we have a recording of the meeting so you can watch it when you have free time.  Click on the Youtube link below, we talked for a little more than an hour and a half.  You can skip to the 8 minute mark for the actual start of the meeting if that’s easier.

Youtube link to recorded video

Also if you have topics or concerns, please contact Scott (a photo of my email is linked below in the officer section).  I’ll try to address them the best I can, but realize it would have been better in a group settings.  This might just mean we have to send a couple of extra emails if there are any group discussions needed.

Super quick summary of the meeting (more detailed minutes to follow):

-Decided to simplify our bank accounts by merging AIS and general funds

-Construction of a 14×14′ inside dimension concrete box culvert is letting for bids in June, with a tentative start on Aug2/3rd.  Planned shutdown of Hwy 64 for 5 weeks (we should anticipate longer).  Do make plans for this so you aren’t surprised late this summer with revised roadways to your cabin, or trailering your boat.


-We need to remove the loon nest that is resting near one of our residents dock.  It is located just inside Solie Bay (quiet bay on far West end of larger basin).  John Poyer can help, but it would be great if we got a 2-3 folks willing to pull it up onto Alexis’ shoreline, break it into pieces, and then haul it into their boat for disposal by the volunteers.   Scott will contact the other 3 local Crow Wing lake associations just in case they want it, but I think we can likely assume they will not.

Two future project ideas came forward at the end of the meeting.  We will want to identify a sub-lead for each of these projects, and then gather a team of 3-5 interested volunteers for planning and execution.  Please consider leading or volunteering on either of these great ideas, contact Scott if interested!  If needed, we can seek lake association petitions to increase our voice.

1) ATV/UTV trail & Hwy 64 speed change:  Safety concern of 55 mph car travel along Hwy 64 over commons/culvert areas (which really means traffic can be 65-70 at times).  Recommended seeing if a 45 mph in that zone would improve public safety.  Also this group would work with MnDOT culvert construction reps, the 2 local ATV/UTV riding groups, and the DNR to see if we can better maintain the ATV trail to limit dust creation that leads to silt going into the lake.  Some ideas were to add Calcium Chloride (like gravel roads), crushed asphalt, pea gravel, or even paving the trail in that section.  Vicky & Dave P are two interested so far in this project.

2) Safety concern of traffic along Pleasant Ave where kids are frequently present.  This is along the South shoreline of the west basin and currently carries a 30 mph speed limit.  Concern was raised that some cars are traveling at 40-45 mph in this zone which is unsafe for children.  Most of this section is within Akeley City limits (eastern side is just outside city limit).  So the lead and volunteer team would work with City officials and city Police department to see if speed can be better enforced along this stretch and/or changing the speed limit to something lower like 20 mph.  Mike T is so far interested in this project.

2021 Fall Meeting

Please put Saturday October 16th on your calendar for our Fall (Zoom) meeting.  We’ll tentatively plan on meeting in person for Spring 2022

Email Distribution List

If you’re not currently getting emails (send out 5-10 per year), please email Scott to be added.  Its generally the easiest way to reach our members.  We currently have 84 members on our list

Spring Meeting – May 22nd 10-12:30

May 6th, 2021

Announcing our 2021 Spring Lake Association Meeting, May 22nd from 10am to 12:30 pm.  As we discussed at our fall meeting, we’re meeting in between Fishing Opener and Memorial Weekend this year.  Also due to Covid we had agreed to meet via Zoom again.  It seems very likely we could meet in person again come fall or the following spring, so really looking forward to that.

Below is the Zoom meeting link.  Mike Trudeau is hosting this year, so big thanks to Mike!  I’m also posting a link to the newsletter that is just about to be mailed out (arriving from printer on Friday, I’m a little more on the ball this year than last at least).  Hope to see many of you soon!


Join Zoom Meeting

Or call in by telephone:

(312) 626-6799

Meeting ID: 721 7148 1269, Passcode: 092971


Link to 2021 Spring Newsletter  (click to open)

Bridge/Culvert Update on 11th

March 16th, 2021

A few of us met with Jerry Hertaus, who gave us an update on the Hwy 64 culvert replacement project.  As most are aware, MnDOT had moved forward with designs to replace the current 16×10′ arch-pipe culvert that was placed in the 1950’s with a 12×12′ inside dimension box culvert.  The original presentation was given to the Lake Asssociation in Fall of 2018.

As was reported at the Fall 2020 Lake Association meeting, money was set aside in the Mn Bonding bill for additional funds for a short span bridge to replace the current arch-pipe culvert.   The money was not earmarked however, and the official MnDOT course had not changed away from the 12×12 box culvert.   Although this sized culvert would allow many more boats to travel under Hwy 64, there are a significant number that still would be too tall to cross underneath (most pontoons and I/O or straight inboard boats with wake towers).

At this point, many of you helped write letters of support of a bridge crossing instead of the 12×12 culvert.  27 of them in fact!  These were forwarded along in a long string of official letters from Jerry detailing the history of Eleventh Crow Wing and how a 12×12 culvert will not sufficiently address boating needs for the future.   Pontoons are a very popular type of boat.  At least on the East basin where I spend most of my time, many if not most of the new boats have been pontoons.  This replacement will be with our residents and 11th Crow Wing lake for generations, so there is a lot at stake.

After a long period of discussions with MnDOT, the best course of action is to upsize the previously proposed 12×12′ box culvert to a 14×14′ box culvert.  The width of the smaller culvert would not normally be an issue, however imagine what happens when a cross wind is blowing across the culvert and your boat is trying to exit.  Then the extra 2′ of clearance will be very welcome.   The main factor has always been the air gap height from water line to the top of the structure.  Here are the stats:  Current culvert is 4’ from water to top center, but that is really only true on the east end.  Near the west end exit it drops closer to 38-40″ (likely due to settling).  And also remember the arch shape makes the usable height less as you move out to the sides of your water craft.  A box culvert won’t have this shape limitation.  Back to the concrete box culverts, the 12×12′ as originally proposed had a 6′ interior height.  Much better for full windshield boats of all sizes.  But only pontoons that sit low in the water with shorter furniture and side rails will fit through.   And certainly not comfortably.  With a 20′ wide short spanned bridge, the height was increased to 6.5-7′.   Obviously those extra 6-12″ are huge.  BUT, here’s where it gets good.  The 14×14′ box culvert with the same invert elevation (bottom of the culvert as current) has a 7.5′ waterline height.  This should be tall enough for most (if not all?) pontoons to get through the culvert.  About the only thing that might not fit are wake board boats with fixed towers.  Even some of these might fit through a 14×14′ opening.

Costs for a 14×14′ box culvert are lower and the design work is significantly less than a short spanned bridge.  Just as important is the extra time that would have been required to pursue a bridge option.  Unknown how long this process might have taken, but an extra 3-6 years is not out of the question.  So…despite the current plans not including a short spanned bridge, we are in a position to have an extra 6-12″ in height over the bridge option.  The extra 2 feet of width will also make navigation in a cross wind much easier for all craft.  The length of the culvert will be extended on both sides per MnDOT’s desire to remove the guard rails and keep ATV/UTV traffic off of Hwy 64.  The extra width will allow the trail to extend to the west of the highway, as it currently is for all but the Culvert crossing.

Last to talk about is timing.  The 12×12′ culvert project was scheduled to be installed in fall of 2021 (yep this fall).  With the recent design change to a 14×14′ culvert, a strong push was made to keep the same construction schedule to complete work in 2021.  Although this is still a possibility, it could slip to 2022.  Although a potential delay is a little disappointing, I think we would all agree the small extra wait would be worth it.  A huge thanks to Jerry for putting together strong logical arguments that are grounded with an engineering background!

11th Crow Wing Phenology (Ice In & Ice Out)

February 19th, 2021

Here’s a long overdue update to our Ice-In/Ice-Out Data for 11th Crow Wing Lake since we started collecting official data.  We are still missing an ice in date for 2018, so please send to an admin via email if you have the information.

Also rumor has it that Frank Lamb has some historical ice in/ice out data.  If anyone happens to run across it, please send email to admin (email at bottom of main page).  We’d add it right in..Thx

Average Ice In Date is December 1st.  Average Ice Out Date is April 20th.

Ice In



IceOut Dates

Local Lakes with Invasives

February 19th, 2021

Hubbard County has updated their mapping system of Invasives with new species (Feb2021).  Its now super easy to click on the various AIS types and see which lakes have confirmed cases.  If you are trailering into or from local area lakes (or if your guests are), this is an invaluable tool to see what you should be paying special attention to.

My only complaint is that Zebra Mussels, which are arguably the most destructive of all Mn AIS, are buried into the far right tab. Please pay special attention to that one.  Link to website is below:

Hubbard County Aquatic Invasive Species (

AIS Map Zebra Mussel



Thank You!

January 20th, 2021

Many thanks to the active members of our Lake Association.  I received or was copied on 27 letters of support for a bridge crossing over 11th Crow Wing Lake.  Those were forwarded to Senator Utke and Representative Hertaus on the evening of January 20th.  That’s community based action at its best!!

One email was received from an owner who was not in favor of a bridge due to increased boat traffic.  I certainly respect that opinion.

Hope you can get out and do something fun amongst the colder weather while also keeping safe from Covid.  Hope to see many of you at the spring meeting in May (Zoom again)


Fall Meeting – Zoom Recording

January 10th, 2021

Hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays despite them being “different” this year.  Excluding October, it seems the weather we’re having so far has been close to ideal.  Snapped this pic walking out to the ice fishing house in front of our property.  Ice thickness is about 9 1/2″ on the northern shore of the East Basin.  Nothing real cold in the forecast so please be cautious out there.  Check out the ice safety page if you’re not experienced in ice travel and remember no ice is completely safe.


Below is the recording of the Zoom meeting that John Paasonen setup.  It worked for me if you click the link and then typed in the passcode (for some reason when I copied/pasted the pass code h.aXj9CK it didn’t work).  This way anyone interested in the Fall Meeting details can check it out.


Topic: 11th CW L.A. Fall Meeting
Date: Oct 31, 2020 09:45 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Share recording with viewers:

Passcode: h.aXj9CK


Fall Update

November 25th, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving folks.  Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well.  We had our Fall Lake Association Meeting in late October, Halloween to be exact.  Quick summary is the Mn Bonding Bill included additional funds for a bridge crossing between the two basins of 11th Crow Wing!  More news to come on that as plans are solidified, but excellent progress has been made.  So if you didn’t have a chance to attend the meeting, we will look into posting the Zoom recording link soon.

John Paasonen and I are updating the info for Ice In/Ice Out.  Through the various social media posts, I think we have filled in all of the gaps back to the currently posted 2017 info with the exception of 2018 Ice In date (send me an email with info if you have it).  Also we’re heading up to the cabin for Thanksgiving weekend, so I’ll know if its iced in now or not soon.  But if it already did, or if it Ice’s in after Thanksgiving weekend, I’d appreciate a quick email or post it on our L.A. Facebook page.   Thanks folks!

Also a reminder to check out the ice safety page for a refresher before you head out on the ice this winter.  Scott

Water Quality – Laboratory Results

June 1st, 2020

Ken Emmeck and Brad Thompson are our water quality volunteers.  A few times a year they grab samples and then take the time to promply run them over in a cooler to an area collection point.  It does require a certain amount of commitment, so thanks guys!

Below is a link to RMB Environmental Laboratories database, who processes and analyzes our samples.  If you follow the link below you will be directed to their data base page.  Select Hubbard County and Eleventh Crow Wing Lake to see the latest data and trending analysis.

Chlorophyll is improving with 80% confidence as is Secchi Disk with 90% confidence.  Total phosphorus is in a better than expected range when compared to similar area lakes.  So keep it up folks.  Limiting or being careful with fertilizers, maintaining and cleaning out septic systems on schedule, and keeping a buffer strip near the lakeshore are all things that we can do to help the water quality of our great gem of a lake.

At the spring meeting we also discussed the “restore the shore” program that Hubbard County COLA has.  If you do some homework and can plan on placing tree orders early, you can score quite a few small trees for a very nominal cost.  There usually is an order deadline and a pickup deadline.  See link below for more information.  These trees could be planted near the shore, or anywhere on your property for that matter.–restore-your-shore.html