Sat May 27th, 10am @ ARCC – Spring Meeting

May 11th, 2023

We’ll be meeting at the ARCC on Saturday May 27th @ 10 am for our annual Spring meeting.  We typically run 90-120 minutes as we reconnect and discuss our beautiful lakes.  If you haven’t attended one of these meetings before, it’s a great option to meet your neighbors and let your voice be heard.  These are not very formal, so dress as you are and bring some coffee/checkbook for dues (if you haven’t mailed them in).

Hope to fit this in between your breakfast and lunch and get you right back to family, as its on Memorial weekend.  See you soon!

Ice In/Out Update – May 2023

December 19th, 2022

The official “Ice Out” date for 11th CW was May 3rd.  Graphs have been updated and can be found here: Ice Out and Ice In.  Average Ice Out moved back a day to April 21st due to late spring arrival for the second year in a row.  Because our 2022 Ice in was so close to our historical average of December 2nd, there has been no change.

If anyone lives on 10th CW, and is present in late Nov/early Dec, as well as April/May, we’d love to get ice reports there to track as well.  Just let Scott know via email.  Also putting out a plug if anyone has older historical data for 11th CW, we’d add that in as well.

Fall Meeting – Sat Nov 5th

October 31st, 2022

Hi Folks,

Its been a little quiet on the Lake Association front this year.  And maybe that’s a good thing; hopefully we were all out there enjoying the lakes and nature.  Apologies from yours truly that the Fall meeting is scheduled so late this year.   I’ve been pretty busy with a lot of other stuff non-related, but a fairly informal Fall meeting is in order to catch up and discuss a few items with the group.  Lets plan to meet on Zoom at 10 am, on Saturday November 5th.

1) Hubbard Cty plans to pave Cty 23 in 2027 (affects north side of east basin residents only)

2) Resinstating additional boat inspection hrs from funds from Akeley City, Akeley Township, and our Lake Association

3) Treasurer’s report

4) Loons nest

I don’t think this would take more than an hour to discuss, so grab your tablet, laptop, phone, or desktop and meet us on Zoom.  Information posted below:


Scott Solberg is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: 2022 Fall Lake Association-Sat Nov 5th
Time: Nov 5, 2022 10:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 767 9156 7567
Passcode: BHzm8J

Culvert Info

January 12th, 2022

This long journey has come to a close in the fall of 2021.  Many, many people put in a lot of effort to make sure this project was a success for the lake owners and local Akeley community members.  The lake crossing of course serves as a vital Highway link.  It also provides lake crossing for hikers, bikers, and ATV riders.  State of MN kicked in all of the funds for this, with MnDOT engineers providing design and coordinating all of the construction.  Landwehr Construction completed the actual work.   Thank you all so much!

Some details of the new concrete box culvert…Inside dimensions are 14′ wide by 14′ tall.  Soon after construction concluded we had a measurement of 8′ of air gap and 6′ from waterline to the bottom of the culvert (as we know the water level is always fluctuating some).  It was designed with a 7’6″ air gap in mind.  Some settling may occur, but a min 4′ of aggregate bedding was specified.

For the sake of posterity, check out the Page link to the right for history, communications, slides, files, pics, etc.   The links below will take you to pictures of the finished culvert as well as the construction phase.

Local Lakes with Invasives

February 19th, 2021

Hubbard County has updated their mapping system of Invasives with new species (Feb2021).  Its now super easy to click on the various AIS types and see which lakes have confirmed cases.  If you are trailering into or from local area lakes (or if your guests are), this is an invaluable tool to see what you should be paying special attention to.

My only complaint is that Zebra Mussels, which are arguably the most destructive of all Mn AIS, are buried into the far right tab. Please pay special attention to that one.  Link to website is below:

Hubbard County Aquatic Invasive Species (

AIS Map Zebra Mussel



Water Quality – Laboratory Results

June 1st, 2020

Ken Emmeck is our water quality volunteer.  A few times a year he grabs samples and then takes the time to promptly run them over in a cooler to an area collection point.  It does require a certain amount of commitment, so thanks!

Below is a link to RMB Environmental Laboratories database, who processes and analyzes our samples.  If you follow the link below you will be directed to their data base page.  Select Hubbard County and Eleventh Crow Wing Lake to see the latest data and trending analysis.

Chlorophyll is improving with 80% confidence as is Secchi Disk with 90% confidence.  Total phosphorus is in a better than expected range when compared to similar area lakes.  So keep it up folks.  Limiting or being careful with fertilizers, maintaining and cleaning out septic systems on schedule, and keeping a buffer strip near the lakeshore are all things that we can do to help the water quality of our great gem of a lake.

At the spring meeting we also discussed the “restore the shore” program that Hubbard County COLA has.  If you do some homework and can plan on placing tree orders early, you can score quite a few small trees for a very nominal cost.  There usually is an order deadline and a pickup deadline.  See link below for more information.  These trees could be planted near the shore, or anywhere on your property for that matter.–restore-your-shore.html

Joining and Renewing 10th/11th Crow Wing Lakes Association

February 15th, 2017

Joining the 10th and 11th Crow Wing Lakes Association

Owners of property on either the 10th or 11th Crow Wing Lakes are encouraged to join the Lake Association.  Of course we welcome anyone who is interested in these two great lakes, owning lake property is not a requirement.   Download the Request for Membership and follow the instructions to join.

We look forward to meeting you!

Existing Members

Time to pay your dues? Download the Request for Membership and send them in.


Boating Safety Flyer

May 4th, 2015

Kim updated the boating safety page.  Hoping this is super easy for you to print out and display somewhere convenient in your cabin (fridge, corkboard, etc).   A lot of good reminders, as well as some important phone numbers regarding boating safety.  Lets have fun and be safe out there!

Lake Association BoatSafteyFlyer

10th and 11th Crow Wing Lakes Association – Main

May 24th, 2013

Hello and welcome to 10th & 11th Crow Wing Lakes Association website!   We are neighbors helping neighbors for the greater good of the lakes.  

We invite you, both local citizens and visiting guests, to utilize this website as a resource for enjoying our two northern Minnesota lakes in Hubbard County and assisting us in being good stewards of our beautiful spring-fed natural resource.  To join our association – yes, anyone who cares about the lakes can join!   Click here for LA application (for new members, as well as to renew for current members).  Our association meets just twice a year, spring and fall, so keeping informed and active is easy and efficient. 

Otherwise, feel free to contact the committee leaders of each of the projects below to offer your assistance or comments — we are a 100% non-profit, volunteer organization, and could always use assistance (time, money, energy).   Thank you for considering helping us take care of the lakes for everyone to enjoy, for generations to come!

A Lakes Management Plan was completed in April 2011 (link to .pdf file here:Lake Assoc-11th CW Lake PLAN final .  This plan mentions a brief history of our Lakes Association (started in 2001), a bit of historical facts on lakes themselves, water clarity testing (11th averages 14′ clarity), in-depth DNR fisheries plan for both lakes, DNR aquatic vegetation map for 11th, goals for the association, and an outline of Plans of Action for several particular ongoing projects:

1)  Curly Leaf Pondweed Control (Aquatic Invasive Species)

2)  AIS Prevention in our Lakes – Education and Inspection

3)  Highway 64 Issues

  • culvert replacement to larger more navigable version
  • ATV trail safety and erosion concern

4)  Loon Nests

There is some other information posted in the Akeley community website, see link below.  We are also on Facebook, so check out that link as well.  And finally there is a link to Hubbard county COLA.










Current Officers of Lake Association

November 24th, 2012

Scott Solberg
President, 10th & 11th Crow Wing Lakes Association, Website

(612) 819-3556
(Click here for Scott’s Email)


Kim Bowen,

Vice President

(Click here for Kim’s Email)
Lisa Hanson
(218) 652-3768
(Click here for Lisa’s Email)


Secretary – Open (Contact any officer if you are interested)